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Lucky Escape

I heard “YEP” and was relieved to see Dave getting towed into the bushes by a decent Bass. By the time I made it to him he had subdued the fish and I slid the net under it (thank God).

Close but no Cigar (Hat)

Owens wife had secretly organised a trip for his birthday back in August so when we collected Owen from the airport he was as keen as they come. With the Rivers still running a little dirty, we set off in the late afternoon and… Continue Reading “Close but no Cigar (Hat)”

Winners are grinners :)

Some of you may recall that in the closed season we held a competition for an overnight trip and my companion for this weekend was the winner of that competition, Sean Conneely. The rivers have been difficult of late and last weeks storm had really added… Continue Reading “Winners are grinners :)”

Up from the Big Smoke!

The boys from Bass Sydney Fishing club were waiting for me when I drove in and after a few handshakes and G`days we loaded up my Ute and headed off to our start point. Doug, Rico and Damien had a million questions and couldn’t… Continue Reading “Up from the Big Smoke!”

When it blows from the East the fish bite least

23 fish sounds a lot but when you put 4 experienced Fisho`s on New South Wales premier river (arguably) over 3 days the numbers should be 60-80.

The Perfect Trip?

We had changed our minds a few times over the last few weeks in regards to where we will fish, but we finally agreed on some high Northern New South Wales hills and we made the drive towards some access I had secured the year… Continue Reading “The Perfect Trip?”

Long wet weekend.

Normally my fishing trips and guided tours seem to be filled with schedules and stress. It always seems that I  have to get from point A to B by a certain time or make sure I don’t forget something. Is the client happy? Will we get a big… Continue Reading “Long wet weekend.”

Roll with the punches

So Paul and Andy`s trip was cancelled last year due to floods and this trip did not start well at all. On the first day, Andy fell crook with a 24-hour virus that really knocked him around. My Canoe fell off the back of the… Continue Reading “Roll with the punches”

What to do……

So the drought continues and the rivers are just getting more unfishable each day. With new clients heading this way on Wednesday I am faced with having to make a decision on what system to fish. I went for a quick overnight 40km- 50km… Continue Reading “What to do……”

2017 Season is under way

With the first trip done and dusted and a fresh nights sleep, I am already looking forward to the next trip. Neil Duncan put the effort in as we dragged our Canoe & Kayak down the very low Clarence River and he managed some great… Continue Reading “2017 Season is under way”

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