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Bass Fishing, Canoe and Kayak River Guide


Up from the Big Smoke!

The boys from Bass Sydney Fishing club were waiting for me when I drove in and after a few handshakes and G`days we loaded up my Ute and headed off to our start point. Doug, Rico and Damien had a million questions and couldn’t wait to get going. We set off in the morning mist and the boys started cycling through Lures trying to find something that would get us on the board.

Ricos stunning Cod

Reports had suggested that the river was shut down and after a tough day fishing, we had only a few Cod to show and one small Bass so it looked like we were in for a fairly challenging trip.

Doug having a swim

Whilst portaging a main rapid we had a small mishap with 1 of the canoes and after some panic, shouting, leveraging the canoe from its pinned rock and then retrieving all the dry bags and gear Doug had earnt the nickname “Dangerous Doug” or “DD” (to his friends) for the rest of the trip.

O dear

We set up camp and at dusk we went out for a paddle only for Doug to have a fish hit his surface lure and whip the Rod out of his hands. He couldn’t believe it and it looked like it was lost to the river. I was fairly confident we could find it in the morning, so the boys pressed on and fished into the late hours for only a couple more smallish Cod.

Another tough day at the office

In the morning we managed to get “Dangerous Doug`s” Rod back and headed off down river hoping to pick up some bigger fish. Over the next couple of days, the boys focused on trying to find a decent sized Bass but the river was on lockdown.

Damien at the end of the falls

On the last night, Rico managed to sneak a perfectly conditioned 40cm whilst throwing large surface Lures as we all walked the bank for a few hours.

Rico with his Bass

29 Fish with a 40cm Bass and a 60cm Cod was the final tally. I think the boys had a great time and from a guides point of view, you couldn’t ask for easier clients.

I’ll say nothing.




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