Winners are grinners :)

Some of you may recall that in the closed season we held a competition for an overnight trip and my companion for this weekend was the winner of that competition, Sean Conneely.

The rivers have been difficult of late and last weeks storm had really added some colour to the river but after a recon visit the day before, I was confident there was just enough visibility for us to harras the local Bass. We had already decided that Spinnerbaits (I hate them) and Beetle spin setups would probably win the day due to the colour but we were hopeful of being proven wrong.
Day One started slowly with Sean picking up the first fish on a paddle tail soft plastic. We cycled through the usual Lures but nothing would work. We decided that I would throw a Spinnerbait (ugh) and Sean started to work the Beetle Spin in the tight edges and snags. Sean had landed 5 or so fish so I changed to match his setup and that set the tone for the rest of the trip.
We soon worked out that the Fish were tucked right into the bank and snags and unless you managed to cast and put the lure on the fishes nose you would think that the river didn’t have any fish living in it what so ever. As the day progressed Sean was smoked by a monster Bass and he then realised why us country folk use 20lb braid and not 10lb braid like those city fellas (isn’t that right Sean)?
At the end of the day we had managed 15 fish and as we paddled back to camp we were treated to one of the most stunning sunsets I have ever seen that went on for over an hour.


Day Two and we awoke to a Satellite message from Joanne saying that Super Cells were expected and severe storms were heading our way. Brilliant!

As an experiment, Sean changed from a Motor Oil to a White plastic. After I had picked up 4 fish casting at water he had already fished we agreed that there was only one colour (Green) and that was that.
The Fish were on fire and so was Sean, we were having a blast. That is right up until I noticed a big white cloud forming in the distance. Within no time the storm was all around us and I was feeling a little silly, you see I had reassured Sean 10 minutes before that it will probably miss us.

This was by far the biggest Hail Storm I had been caught in and when I can I will upload the Video. It was actually frightening at one point.

We had a Beer and some lunch (Tin of beans) as we took shelter from the remaining storm and after 30 minutes we were back fishing. The fish didn’t seem to care about the storm and we picked our way through the tight rapids and bottle brush trees adding another 25 Fish to the tally before we hit camp.25198705_10159975576060352_1507789230_oThe final day and we awoke early and were fishing just on first light. I was smoked by a big Bass on my second cast that made for its home in the mess of bottle brush roots. Sean was on form (again) and was landing fish after fish. We went back to camp and packed up and made our way down the river. As we progressed nearer the exit point the fish shut down and we closed the trip on 56 Bass and 2 Cod. We had lost maybe 20-30 fish and considering the terrible water quality Sean had done brilliantly.

Such a great trip, Joanne and I are really happy that Sean had a great time and I can honestly say he was a very deserving winner.

On a side note check out this amazing Python that we passed that had just had breakfast from what looks like some poor Duck or maybe a bush Pheasant.


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