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Cris Shadbolt

Epic 4 days and 4 nights in the upper Nymboida with @wild_river_tours in search of the big 50cm Bass! I’ve been fishing since I was 7 years old and have caught many trophy fish but the big bass has always beaten me. This trip was focused on breaking the big bass curse and doing the hard yards into some remote and rugged country that holds big Bass. It didn’t disappoint and I landed the big 54cm bass quickly followed by a 51cm bass. All up between Dave and I we caught 106 fish with some big bass all over 45cm and some good sized Eastern Cod. It rained, stormed, I was smashed by rapids and I even broke a tree in my hammock at 2am which nearly turned me to a pancake but it all made for an absolutely epic and unforgettable trip! Dave is an absolute legend who I have fished with many times and is a great mate so if you ever want to see the Aussie nature at its best book in a trip with Dave.


David Lack
What an amazing fishing adventure! If you’re a keen fisherman who wants to get away from the crowds, look no further. David is the consummate professional that goes above and beyond for his clients. Great learning environment – learned plenty of new fishing, canoeing & camping skills. Wonderful hospitality either side of the trip. Have booked again and looking forward to taking on the rapids with gusto!


Rico Van De Kerkhof 
An amazing 3day trip down the Nymboida and Mann river.
Already looking into doing another trip with Dave.
Dave’s good company and not bad chef either!!
Me and the boys had a blast. The scenery and rapids are nothing like here in Sydney, just amazing!
Recommend this highly.


Scott Wilkins
Quality time with a great guide and great mates, I`d do it again in a heartbeat.


Neil Duncan
Neil Duncan
What you do is something that would be hard to put a proper dollar value on. Thanks for the great trip it was exactly what I was looking for



Mel Phong
Thank you so much he had the most amazing day.
Lachlan Hill
Thanks, Dave!
Great Guide, great Fish, great Food and a great person.
Chad Nelson
What an epic adventure guys. Thanks for having me 👍
Jeb Hardy
Was such a great trip Dave, was brilliant I can’t thank you and Jo enough for a trip I will never forget.
Josh Tredinnick
“It was a trip I’ll remember for a long time, Dave. We spent most of the drive home talking about planning the next one up there.”
Frank Bibel
If anyone wants to get amongst some of the grandest bass waters that northern NSW has to offer then you couldn’t ask for a better guide than Dave to show you the ropes with his vast knowledge of the river systems and techniques used at different times of the year…. not only will he put you in the right spot but he’s witty humour will have you in stitches, especially after a few cold ones at the end of the day…. to put it simply…. he’s an all round top bloke who has an almost unhealthy passion for fishing
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Penny Burgess
What a fabulous trip! thanks so much Dave


Paul and Jack & Lucy Davis
Thanks for a great weekend Dave. We love your enthusiasm for fishing and your willingness to showcase some of the beauty it is the northern NSW wild rivers. Until next time….



George Cole-Fletcher
Here Fishy Fishy!
Thanks for everything.
A trip I will never forget.
cheers mate🇦🇺😁
Matthew Owen
Thanks, Dave and Jo!
We had an absolute blast! We were so impressed with your service and the awesome, unforgettable experience you gave us on this trip!
We will definitely see you again soon for another!
Cristopher Shadbolt
Dave is a top bloke who knows his stuff when it comes to fishing and voyaging down these tough rivers. Best trip I’ve been on

20170205_124952 (Large)John Payne
What a sensational trip. Got to see some amazing country. Dave’s experience and knowledge of the area was evident and meant negotiating some of the rapids was fun and exciting. Sensational food, amazing scenery and great company.
Highly recommend wild river tours. You just can’t find places like they take you too. Outstanding trip. Looking forward to the next!

Scott Natho
Dave and Jo are great operators with great knowledge and an even better attitude… Great value tours in picturesque Australian landscape and rivers chasing the premier freshwater Sport-fish…. I’ll be back…


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