Long wet weekend.

Normally my fishing trips and guided tours seem to be filled with schedules and stress. It always seems that I  have to get from point A to B by a certain time or make sure I don’t forget something. Is the client happy? Will we get a big fish and so on.

This long weekend we loaded up the cars and trailer, threw in a few of our favorite people, some beer, wine and sneaked off onto some private land where we could relax and have a little fish if the mood took us.
The weather was wet for the most part with drizzle and showers but no one complained as it really didn’t matter and after a 4-month drought the rivers and farmers need every drop.

We managed to do a bit of fishing and even went for a night session which resulted in one of the biggest Bass surface hits I think I have ever had. This resulted in a mid 40`s Bass who played up like she was a 50+.

Considering the water is so low we ended up with plenty of Bass and a couple of small Cod and dropped plenty.

Few drinks and a decent fire and a fair bit of bullsh*t made for a great couple of nights away.

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