The Big River

Glen had booked this trip looking for a mix of fish and some amazing camping in the hope that he and his boy Mitch could spend some time on the water before the school term started.
The weather looked great except for a bit of wind. The moon, pressure, river height and all the other factors were as good as they could be.

I picked up the 2 of them at 4.30am from the Motel and we set off having decided to paddle the big river even though the Bass have been on a slow bite lately. They had gone for a walk the night before after we had met up for a beer and Mitch managed a good Bass off the surface on our local river.


After arriving at the launch point we set off down through the first rapid and I smiled as Glen and Mitch managed to hit every rock on the way. Canoes can take a little time to get used to and Glen confessed he may have only been in One or maybe Two in his life and he was excited to learn some new skills. He was not to know at this point that by the end of the trip he would look like he had been doing it for years.

We navigated a few smaller rapids and as we entered a slower pool Mitch`s Pompadour was smashed off the surface by a nice Cod.

The young fella was stoked and after a few pictures, we were on our way.

As the day went on Glen picked up a couple of good Cod and a 1mtr+ Eel but Mitch was the top rod at the end of the day landing another 3 fish.

We set up camp and everyone was knackered so after a quick flick and me missing an opportunity of a Bass we decided to have an easy night around the fire and a few beers.

27604263_10160222754440352_791133246_oNext day was a big paddle and for some reason, the fish had shut down even more. Things became really tough, Glen managed a couple more Cod and I eventually hooked a fish but poor Mitch didn’t see a fish all day. I don’t think he cared too much though and we enjoyed the river and Mitch loved the rapids.
27398045_10160212425220352_168398530_oOnce camp was set up we headed out for a walk up the banks in the dark and I managed to lose a big Cod right at the bank (idiot). After a couple of hours fishing and no fish, we headed back and had a quick drink then bed.27605381_10160222754400352_1409864189_oMorning came and after some Eggs and Bacon we set off for the last part of the trip. Just as we were about to stow our rods away Mitch had a Cod smash his lure in full aerial strike. There is nothing better than a hungry Cod hit surface strike.
27535909_10160222754585352_174452098_oThis trip didn’t really deliver the numbers this guide likes to show but his clients had a great time.

The river was in perfect condition and Glen and Mitch were the most awesome guests.

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